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Policy Analysis Essay

What is Policy Analysis?
POLICY ANALYSIS defines to the problems inside the nation and the goals so, its examines on the arguments & analyzes to implementation much of the policy and we can also understand by "The process through in which we identified and evaluated alternatives policies or programs that they are intended to the lessen or resolves economic, social & physical problems."

A step by step guide for Policy Analysis :

1. Defining the problems - what type of problems to be on addressed and how is done ? It is the problem of any ones of the national's security, diplomacy, economic development ?

2. Focusing on goal - What is that relationship between whose goals and the problems in that identified. What governments / non-governments organizations was inside in the making decisions? and which ones is not but are not involved and why ?

3. Choosing a policy - Based on your online researches and some understanding in the situation of, &selecting a policy which is make you genuine. and eyes on trade option etc.

4.Implementing a policy - What agency's or some organization implement on the policy? and Was the policy is implemented according to their original design.

5. Evaluating the policy - Did the policy achieves its goals ? However, was is the policy is a ''success" or just a "failure" ?

1.Make it readable.
2.Be accurate and you are doing for.
3.Be concise.

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