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Market structures in the Economy

Their are some such hot things in Markets. In economy , their will some market structure as organization and other characteristics/parts of a market value. Market structure stands to the degree and nature of competitions in the market.
hence, ordinarily, the term"Market" stands to a particular work where goods are purchased through and sold in the indicative a manners.

There are some variety number of kinds terms of market structure for a particular goal , Some example are :
1.The nature and number of sellers.
2.The nature and number of buyers.
3.The condition of thew product.
4.The conditions of newbie in and out from the market.
5.Economies of terms.

Also , There are forms are Market structure :
1.Perfection competition - Many films,free to entry,homogeneous things,some profit.
2.Monopoly - One firm destroys the market, obstacle to entry , normal types of profit.
3.Oligopoly - An entire industry destroys by a small firms.
4.Monopolistic competition - Freedom of in and out.
5.Contestable markets - An industry with freshness of in and out , but the bug of competitions in industries.

Hopefully, you gain some important information about marketing and its kinds.